RICHART CONSULTING LLC is an independent consulting firm specializing in the design, implementation, administration and communication of retirement programs.
       Our objective is providing responsive and creative consulting for retirement plans of small and medium sized businesses, including corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships.  We are strictly a “fee for service” consulting firm, i.e., we sell no product other than our expertise.  This expertise is the most important ingredient for the successful design and operation of a retirement program.
       We are one of the few retirement consulting firms in the greater Seattle area  specializing in the small and medium sized retirement plan arena that leverage knowledgeable enrolled agents “up front” to do this consulting.  This proactive approach sets up our clients and their advisors in planning ahead for the business and their retirement needs.
       Despite this use of highly qualified enrolled agents, our fees are competitive with those of other firms which either do not employ enrolled agents or do not use highly qualified retirement plan specialists in a similar capacity.  This competitive fee structure results from the greater efficiency in using  knowledgeable professionals in the initial planning stages.